Activity and values Kinvest GmbH

The core business of Kinvest GmbH, founded in 2018 by Martin Zingerle, is to invest in real estate and companies.

The majority of Kinvest GmbH’s portfolio consists of investments in promising cross-sector start-ups.

Founder Martin Zingerle sees his work as a venture capitalist and business angel as a logical progression in the development of his long entrepreneurial career.

For over 30 years, he was President of the Board of Directors and responsible for sales, and vision in the family business Zingerlemetal AG.

After his exit in 2018, he founded Kinvest GmbH to give new space to his joy in creating innovations and constant development.

For Martin, the central value of his work, which stands above all else, is the collaboration with young, capable and innovative minds.

The joy of further developing a business idea together is in the foreground, more than the rapid multiplication of the invested money through a quick exit.

The basic prerequisite for establishing a new business relationship is a solid basis of trust and transparency on both sides, “and last but not least, my gut feeling has to be right”.

Martin Zingerle

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The TBA network and other strong partners support Kinvest in promoting start-ups.


Our investment portfolio includes innovative start-ups from various sectors with great growth potential.


Kinvest GmbH
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